Monday, 28 July 2008, we're not in Spain yet...........

Waiting sucks. (sorry for those that might be sensitive to that phrasing.) We are still in a hold pattern. Our belongings arrive into port in Spain on Thursday, and we still have no firm arrival date. We are awaiting the processing of the boys' visas, and so, we continue to wait....I have been wracking my brain and Bible trying to discover the reasoning behind everything. I have found numerous examples of those that had to wait without reasons, except that it is God's plan, not theirs.

I have been reading through Deuteronomy this past month (exciting, I know) and have been thinking about how these were the words God used to prepare His people before they entered the Promised Land. So I've been reading it to glean some insight into what God expects of me before I enter this new place. The over arching theme seems to be two little words: Be careful. (I've even underlined it every time it comes up, and surprisingly it's rather regularly) Be careful in what you say. Be careful in how you act. Be careful in how you worship. Be careful in where you go. In other words, make everything intentional. Don't just haphazardly enter into this place and think you'll survive without maintaining a deep connection with God.

This past Sunday the corps officer suggested in his sermon that we begin our prayers by thanking God for all He has already done in regards to our situation before asking Him to do something more. Thanking God for what He has already done is also an overarching theme of Biblical prayers, and it seems in line with that thought of being intentional....I will say, I've been seriously trying it and it has made a bit of difference in my perspective on the situation.

I publicly thank God for
  • getting Jeff and my visas through with no problems
  • getting our belongings to Spain so we don't have to live out of suitcases once we arrive
  • for preparing Denia as a place for us
  • for providing for our financial needs
  • for preparing us through conferences and new friends
  • for providing our family a chance to enjoy summer and summer activities, not just try to squeeze them into a tight schedule
  • giving an extended chance to visit with family and friends before we are far away
  • assuaging my fears on the visa process (or my lack of understanding of it) once we do arrive in country
  • for allowing me time to finish some sentimental projects before leaving
  • for having plenty of time to pray for our ministry
Looking at the list makes it seem like the "waiting" has been more productive than not. Perhaps that was the point?

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