Sunday, 28 September 2008

Drip, drip, drop...

It has been raining since Wednesday. There is typically a torrential down pour throughout the evening hours. (And a worried Jeff thinking about the leaks in the church.) I am very grateful for the cooler temperatures...we've actually been using a blanket at night, and the boys are wearing 'real' pajamas to bed not just diapers. And I personally don't mind wet weather. But keeping the boys inside is driving me nuts!

On Saturday we decided to take a drive to Javea/Xabia (depending on what language you speak Valenciano or Spanish) to just get out of the house. It was sunny on that side of the mountain, and Bram was extremely excited to find a McDonald's play place. (Future conversations: You lived overseas, so what kind of food did you eat? "Chicken nuggets.")

We also ended up at the mall to get a few new pairs of pants for Bram. I don't have any 'warm' weather clothing in his size, so we had to bite the bullet and get some. Toddler fashion in Spain is hysterical (to me). My nearly 3 year old looks like a little GQ model.

There is a rumor that the sun will return to the Costa Blanca later this week. Until then the Carr household will be playing with markers, play doh, and mommy's cell phone.

I realized that I've been putting quite a few pics of, here's a pic of Jonas from our huge bubble bath fight tonight.


Sue J. said...

We hadn't had rain in a long stretch, so it was a welcome sight. Of course, now it's been here for 4 days, and we're all probably ready for things to change. (The humidity came back, too, though we're not peeled down into diapers.)

I remember going to Canada with my hubby for our honeymoon. We went up to this gorgeous mountain--snow on top and everything. Then we came down and ordered hamberger avec frommage (cheeseburgers) from McDonald's!

Do toddlers eat tapas? Wouldn't that be fun, a toddler tapas bar!? Bring on the zwiebeck with jelly. Saltines with queso? And an outrageous fruit platter. We may have to try this on our next rainy day.

Chatty Kelly said...

McDonalds in Spain! Too funny. And thank goodness for playlands!

Keep up with the great attitude!

Edie said...

Jonas's bubble bath photo is cute! Hope the weather clears up for you soon. You really do have a great attitude.

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

If you look really close at Jonas' mouth, you can see his 'new' smile

Sue J. said...


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