Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Last Night's "Mascleta" (the daily, large fire crackers event during the week of festivities)

Fire crackers are an important tradition involved in the Fallas week. Mostly it's the little fire crackers that are designed to make more noise and smoke than anything else. You know, the kind that go off and scare you? But it's a constant thing the few weeks before, and especially this week.

I have been leary of walking near pre-teen boys holding lit fire crackers waiting to startle some unsuspecting tourist. And yesterday, I swallowed my cultural pride, and watched as my 3 year old threw simple crackers with some friends from school. (They were only throwing the ones that pop upon contact. There was no fire involved...grandmothers, take a deep breath, he has all 10 fingers still...)

I have noticed a slight 'evolvement' of my reaction to these noise explosions. Two weeks ago when the fire crackers first started making their appearances, I jumped and screamed. Later in the week, I would simply startle and turn my head towards the noise. Now, I barely notice anymore. I don't jump, and only if it is a really loud event will I turn to see where it is coming from.

I think that's sometimes how people react to God's voice... He's speaking all around. He's making noise, in His way, but we just become disillusioned and stop paying attention.

For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it. Job 33:14

There are times when I feel like I'm all alone, and God has forgotten about my situation. And all the time He was trying to get my attention, throwing fire crackers at my heart if you will, but I'm not paying attention. God has not become de-sensitized, it's been me who's stopped noticing...


Karen Carr Chojnacki said...

Val, one day, you should consider writng a "daily Bread" type devotional for women. I LOVE your insight. God uses it to speak to me. I would be the first inline for a signed copy.

Sue J. said...

That's really excellent thinking, true, so true! And He won't reach us in the same way every time. But, if we are truly listening, and know His voice--as the sheep are supposed to--then we will be ready to respond.

Glad the real firecrackers aren't too much of a nuisance that that your son has all his fingers!

Mowers5 said...

Remember the sparklers that people tried to light at our wedding as we were leaving? Dave still calls them "smoklers". Good times.