Monday, 20 April 2009

What do you write when you don't want to write?

The rain has let up for today. I got some laundry done. And I've decided that I should update the blog. I'm sure when one stops updating very regularly, the number of visitors and comments surely will dwindle....and one could never have that??

I've been contemplating the Ministry lately. (I use a capital M because I mean ministry in general, not necessarily a specific one.)...anyways... Too often I tend to define the Ministry by flashy programs that capture attention, 'wow' the community, so good they create 'waiting lists'. Or define it by the number of seats filled or the attendance to those flashy programs...

I know that these are not what Jesus defined Ministry by, and it's important to remind myself that neither should I. My ministry within the Ministry is to live like Jesus in front of the people around me. I must choose to simply be an example of what Jesus calls each of us to be, that's the Ministry. Each 'ministry' within holds various responsibilities, but the definite purpose is to show Jesus through it all. Regardless of the tangible results.


My ADHD Me said...

Even when you "don't want to write", your message comes shining through.

What you are doing is a wonderful thing and your insight is remarkable.

Have a great day!

Sue J. said...

I think those of us who don't "work in the ministry" have a hard time relating to just how difficult a role you have. It seems so simple to just say "I follow Jesus," because--you're right--that's really what it should all be about. But you have that extra layer of "establishment" and I'm sure that gets in the way of things sometimes.

How good that you can take a step back and remember what every day is really all about. Just doing that will help you step forward again, as He would, in your M(m)inistry.