Wednesday, 7 May 2008

And the journey begins...

In order to move over seas within this Salvation Army there is a bit of a process. A process that we are still working through. One of those processes require informing those in your current site of ministry of the impending change, which cannot be done until the "official" go ahead.

So, I lost a lot of sleep last night trying to dream up the exact right words to say. I woke up incredibly early, with a back in pain from stress, and a brain that refused to calm down. I was incredibly nervous as I arrived at the office.

I continued to practice what I was going to say in my head as I made coffee for the staff. "No, I won't hold a big staff meeting, that will just be weird. I tell each staff member one by one. I'll just let them know before they read it on the internet."

I walked into the Community Care Ministries office, took a deep breath, and began my schpeel (official spelling). She listened quietly, nodded a couple times, and then looked at me.

"I knew already. The intern told me. And I figured it out when you said your arm hurt from a Hep A shot. Adults don't get vaccines unless they're going overseas."

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