Monday, 12 May 2008

Continuing My Education

We are in Kankakee for a week long (mandatory) continuing education program through a partnership with The Salvation Army and Olivet University. It was also my 5 year review this year. I was "confirmed" as a Salvation Army officer today. Exciting, I know.

Yesterday, the corps (church) held its first children's service in nearly a decade. It was absolutely amazing! We had the highest number in our short tenure: 87!! (one girl counted 107, but nobody agreed with that number). It was exciting and overwhelming. It was so moving to see so many new faces and new kids participating and taking part in the service.

During the closing song, I came up to the pulpit to lead the song and we had chosen to make the public announcement of our moving at that point in the service. I had made my plan: I would lead 2 verses, make the announcement using the script I created in my head, then we'd sing the last two verses and it would be done. Well, we got through 2 verses, I opened my mouth, looked out into the crowd, and all I could do was cry. Jeff (my husband) had to come and rescue me from his seat in the band. He made the announcement while I quietly cried behind him. It just over came me looking out into such a large crowd (in comparison to the recent history of our church) and then to think that God was calling me on somewhere else. I love these people and this place. Let me say it again: I love Waukegan. But I know that this is what God has prepared for my family. I have felt it since seminary that I was made for the mission field, and now God has opened a door that no one can close. This is where Jesus is leading us, but still it's hard to leave a place that's become a part of us.

So now, we sit in 8 hour classes every day this week to mull over the fact that there are only 5 weeks left to pack, and we still don't know exactly where we are being sent to.......perhaps there will be more crying.

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