Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hemos llegado!

We have arrived.

We have brought our luggage the three flights up to our apartment. We've turned on the TV and we've connected to the internet. We're home...

We left Chicago on Monday afternoon, after many tears following a breakfast with family. It was 9 hour flight to Munich, of which the two boys only slept the last hour of. Arriving in Munich we went through European Union customs, and traversed our way to the gate for our flight to Madrid.

Now, moving an entire family requires a lot of belongings. We had the maximum limit for our carry ons, only to find out the way to board the plane in Germany required us to go down 4 flights of stairs without elevator or escalator, then board a bus to go up a very narrow and very steep set of stairs into a tiny airplane....but we have arrived.

We spent the evening in a hostel in downtown Madrid and had a lovely dinner with the Lt. Colonels in charge of the work here in Spain. The first night in Spain was a bit of rough one. At one point during the middle of the night everyone was awake for about 2 to 3 hours and all fighting for space in the same bed (there were 3 beds in the room).

Wednesday morning we made the 5 hour car trip to Denia. And are now "en casa". Bram and Jonas are doing extremely well with the transition. Bram is excited to try out new words in Spanish, and Jonas has never met a person he is willing to play with...

Tomorrow we will explore Denia a little more, with more sleep under our belt, and most likely walk along the beach. We have plans to get our van and visit the corps building.

It's still hard to believe when I walk out on our balcony that "We live here now". That view of the beach and mountain is my reality now. Surreal, but nice.

....maybe we will all get some real sleep tonight...

(check out more photos on facebook)

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Marcie said...

I'm so glad you made it...I was thinking about you all day on Monday and Tuesday, asking Dave, "Do you think they made it yet?" Of course, he didn't know, so last night at 11 pm he pulls out his phone to check your facebook page, and what do you made it! I'm so happy, and you all look great. Praying for you...lots of love, Marcie