Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jesus Salva

Our first Sunday is under our belt. And what a Sunday it has been. We left early enough to be able to set up chairs in the chapel, but weren't able to get into the building! We weren't sure how the door opener worked, or what key went where, or if we even had all the keys! And parking a nine passenger van in streets that were designed to be traversed by horse and buggy is quite challenging!
Once finally inside things went really well! There were quite a few in church today to check out the new officer. Several Salvationists on vacation from England passed by the corps and we had a wonderful brass band ensemble! (You know you're a Salvationist if you bring your horn on vacation as a "just in case")
This morning Jeff brought the message and I translated. It was our debut in this capacity, and it is quite challenging. Translating is definitely a I will apparently have to master quickly. :)
We have be battling with our coffee maker in the house. I successfully have burned coffee, been confused by the operation of the item, and today I successfully melted the handle of the coffee pot (it's a small espresso pot that you use on the stove top). So, today we spent time looking for a new pot at the Eroski (kinda like Super WalMart). And after all of that I believe I may have come closer in reaching "cafe con leche" quality...
Tomorrow begins our "normal" life. Jeff will walk to the office in the morning. There is a small thrift store attached to the corps. And one of Jeff's passions in thrift store operations, so he is eager to get started on finding out the workings and details of the store! The boys and I will join Jeff later in the morning and have lunch with the officer couple in charge of The Salvation Army camp in Denia. It will be nice to establish some sense of routine and find a "groove" for our ministry and our family life.
Blessings from the beach!

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