Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Notorious Missionary Now Becomes Nice Missionary!

I decided to be a "nice mommy" tonight. We made a pizza together. Not just me putting it together while they were running around the kitchen, both boys actually helped!

On Sunday evenings, our church runs a church service in a local hotel. We tried taking the boys to the meeting, but after just 2 tries we quickly learned that 3 church services were just too much for toddlers. So, now Bram, Jonas and I have an evening all to ourselves. I secretly love Sunday evenings with the boys, because it's just as much fun for me as it is for them. We usually do something with play-doh or build train tracks or lego towers, we watch a movie if one is on, and it's bubble bath night! So tonight I decided I would do the good mommy thing and let them put the pizza together. (I vowed to myself I would only correct their 'creation' if it wasn't staying on the pizza dough. I had to make myself leave the pizza the way it was created.)

There has been a flu/cold thing passing its way around our little community. Both the boys have had it already, and I think I'm now struggling through it. No matter how sick they are, I can't turn them down if they just want a hug and a kiss....

I have decided to take tomorrow to stay at home. The house needs cleaning, and I need a rest. So perhaps it'll get clean, but it's entirely likely that the house will be in the same state it is now at the end of the day tomorrow.

Question: What do you do to take care of yourself (mentally/spiritually)? I was reading a preview of a book ("Absolutely Organized: Moms Guide to a No Stress Schedule & Clutter Free Home: A Mom's Guide to a No-stress Schedule and Clutter Free-home " by Debbie Lillard) off of Amazon UK website. And in the page you could read she suggests that most moms begin the day by dressing and feeding children, running them to school, etc...that they take no time to prepare themselves for the day. She said that you could have a better day and feel less frazzled if you just get up 30 minutes before the house's earliest riser to take some time for seems like a nice idea, but is it realistic? Just wondering what some other moms do to ensure they take care of themselves...


Edie said...

Love that pizza! Man I'm so hungry right now, can I come over and help you eat it? :) I'm so proud of you for letting the boys create it themselves. I let my grandaughters make pizza sometimes and I let them make their own sandwiches too sometimes. They LOVE it! There is a video of it on my sidebar. These are the moments they will remember and love the most.

Can't give much advise on taking care of yourself with kids in the house since I don't have any in the house. But I can say that my oldest grandaughter lived with me most of her first 4 years and we did everything for the Lord. I do mean everything. All of our conversations included Christ, in a real and natural way, we were just saturated in knowing and loving Him. I think that was the best spiritual and mental therapy either of us could have had. I have tried to get up early to spend time alone with God and it just doesn't work for me, but I do and always have looked forward to my time at night when everyone else had gone to bed and I could talk with Him about the day.

It sounds like you are doing good! I'm gonna go eat now. Have a great day!

Chatty Kelly said...

Great pizza making! My kids look cooking together.

I think if you have time to exercise that is something that makes you mentally feel better (and physically). I have a hard time getting up early too, but if you have a lively work out video, the kids love to do it with you for a while, then they get bored and go off and do their own thing.

As Edie mentioned, do all things to the glory of God and he will clear you path. Blessings!

marcie said...

You had mentioned to me yesterday that the boys don't have a naptime, but that's when I take "my time". And I've started forcing myself (as difficult as it is) to not do laundry, or clean..but just read, or scrapbook, or do nothing. Unless something big comes up, it's just a few hours where I can collect my thoughts (the few I have left) and be alone.

My ADHD Me said...

No more notorious mom? WOW! Impressive. I'm also impressed at how much time you spend doing things with your children. Chatty kelly and I were just talking about how much faster it is to do things yourself but how much better it is to include the kids.
I tried the getting up 30 minutes earlier thing...laid on the sofa and dozed for 30 minutes.

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. Yes, it is me again. I went to Amazon and checked on that book you mentioned. I am a sucker for organizing books. The reviews looks pretty good and I was able to find one pretty cheap so I ordered it. I'll let you know what I think. Another one that looked interesting was "One Year to an Organized Life:From Your Closets to your Finances. The week by week guide to getting completely organized for Good" by Regina Leeds.
I don't know why I keep ordering these kinds of books. They all say the same thing. Find time for your self, write down lists, follow through, etc....maybe this one will be different.

BTW, I wrote about you in one of my recent posts. It's the one titled Part 2!!!!FBI Case Number 85427....Pending.