Thursday, 9 October 2008

One Windy City to the next...

It's raining again. This time it's accompanied by really strong wind. The kind of wind that is bending down palm trees. Along with the rain comes flickering electricity...the lights have been flickering on and off all evening. It's enough to send an 18 month old into hysterics when his bath time goes all dark. Bram thought it was funny. (Well, he probably thought Jonas' freak out was funnier than the dark bathroom.)

It was a local holiday today, so there was no pre-school today. The boys accompanied us to brass band practice at a church member's home. (We've been having the church band practice at different members' homes in order to secretly visit with them, have tea, and see the inside of where the people live.) Bram & Jonas were excited to find legos and various bits and pieces of toys waiting for them, not to mention enough "biscuits" (that's British for cookies) to last them the morning. The gentleman (his wife plays in the band) even told me to go ahead and play with the band and he would gladly play with the boys. Bram has been talking about the lego jet airplane they made all day.

Tonight when the lights turned off, I was greeted in the dark by the question of "Why did the lights go off?" (Bram is a never ending stream of "Why" "How" "What does that mean" "What's it sound like in Spanish") So I said "Well, God decided to turn them off." And then I felt bad, like I should give a better explanation "Well, God wanted to show us that He is in control. So, He turned the lights off." "But I don't have to be afraid when the lights are off?" "No, Bram, 'cause we have Jesus with us." "Where? Up there?" "Um, well, He lives with us. He's with us all the time. He's in our hearts.".... Now, I realized at that point I was digging myself into a hole that might be theologically over the 2 year olds head. Why didn't I just say Because???....So suddenly the lights flashed back on, and Bram goes "Hey! He turned them back on!" Problem solved.

And now, I have a chorus from the back of The Salvation Army Songbook stuck in my head:
If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere
It's heaven to me whereever I be
If He is there
I count it a privilege here
His cross to bear
If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere

Hear it here Cyber Hymnal


Edie said...

Scary wind that bend a Palm Tree! Glad God is with you ... now did you remember to thank Him for getting you out of that hole you were digging? LOL. I've done things like that more times than I care to admit.

Hope the wind dies down!

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm with Edie - sometimes I dig holes and God fills them quick. He is so great, especially when kids are involved.

Glad your lights are back on. No fun sitting around in the dark, especially with little ones!

marcie said...

Again, I go through that..."how does God live in my heart? If Jesus is with me when it's dark, is He in the closet?" I suppose speaking above their heads is better than not speaking of it all.