Saturday, 20 December 2008

Family Christmas Card 2008

Here's the 2008 Carr Christmas version!


Sue J. said...


That was awesome! I was really trying to pick up a word of Spanish, but I couldn't. Campanas...companions? Did they say "otra vez" at the end??

I really like how your city looks at Christmas! I'm sorry if we are bombarding you with snow and otherwise white images.... Your poinsettias are fabulous!

Great card....your family will love it!

Edie said...

Aw how cute. I love those monkey jamies!! NO little monkeys jumping on the bed! The tree decorating was precious too. Your family will love it!

Chatty Kelly said...

Did I see a little thumb sucker in there? Both my girls are thumb suckers and I have a soft place in my heart for that little trait. Did you know babies sometimes suck their thumb in the womb?

Merry Christmas! Great video.

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

Here's a translation of the song:

If you're interested.

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

Both my boys are thumb-suckers. It doesn't bother me. I'd rather pick my battles. (I even refused to go back to a pediatrician cause she made too big a deal of it.) I figure they'll quit some day, by the time they're 18 someone will have teased them and they'll stop.

Irritable Mother said...

I love your video card!
And am reminded yet again that I still have to get our letter out. *sigh*
Your boys are simply precious. I hope you all have a wonderful, memorable, worshipful, lovely Merry Christmas! *grin*

lindsey said...

I just linked to your blog through my daughters littlefingersandfrosting. What a great photo of your boys..I pray you will have a great Christmas and
that God will bless you and your ministry