Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Never ending Story

It's a never ending saga with the residency. Today, after acquiring all the appropriate paperwork, number of copies, and right sized photo, we headed for the Foreigner's Office in Alicante. Only to be turned away. Rather than tell the long, frustrating story of meeting several friendly government officials, several not so friendly ones, being scolded via phone calls by a lawyer, driving back and forth between 2 offices on opposite sides of town, and a lovely woman named Begonia who finished us up...the boys and I are 10 euros away from being legal residents of Spain! (:::sigh::: While making copies of paperwork & visas, I had brought a copy of Jeff's passport but not the actual passport...he has an ACTUAL APPOINTMENT to come back next Tuesday to finish his finger stamping process)


Edie said...

I'm glad it's almost over for you and you can put that mess behind you. :) (Remind me never to leave the country.)

Sue J. said...

I'm glad you finished up with someone who had as lovely a sounding name as Begonia!

I have definitely not been in your shoes. But, I do know that kind of frustration. "We're here to do good in your country; what's the deal?!?!"

Just think what God has enabled you to do after all of this!