Saturday, 17 January 2009

A Picture Tag

So, here's the fourth picture from the fourth file of "My Pictures" file on my computer.

This picture was taken at the infamous "Bean" in dowtown Chicago. We were still waiting on the boys visas to come through, and were getting antsy about their delay. Jeff and I had recieved our visas 6 weeks prior to this picture.

The Spanish government had informed Madrid headquarters that they had never recieved the applications and that we should go check on them. So I put on my uniform (you always seem more important than you really are in uniform) and headed out to the Spanish Consulate. The gentleman at the consulate checked and verified that the applications had been sent, and the suggested that we could travel to Spain sans the visas and then return for them later. (Which created the huge residency ordeal! For the whole story read my post on the trip to Madrid to finish the residency: Good News )

Jeff and the boys walked around the area by the Spanish Consulate while I waded through the beaucratic paperwork stuff. This pic was taken when I came down with the "good news" and we spent the rest of the afternoon 'celebrating' in downtown Chicago (I changed out of the uniform later).


Chatty Kelly said...

Very professional looking! I'll bet you can move mountains in that uniform. Cute!

Sue J. said...

After 14 years of living near Chicago (we were in southwestern Naperville, Valerie), I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what the "Bean" was. Looks like it was near Standard Oil Building? but....

I used to work at Rush. It was probably a 90-minute commute everyday, counting train and bus time.

Waukegan was way up there! Maybe if someone picks the right folder, we'll find pictures of me and my mom outside Marshall Fields! (Or Wrigley Field....)

My ADHD Me said...

Cool picture AND cool story.