Thursday, 22 January 2009

We're done...for a year!

It's been quite the process to become residents. With government offices, each with a seperate set of requirements, a good lawyer, a good God, and an insane amount of luck...we are now legal residents of Spain

Here's the process:

and yesterday we recieved our cards here in town! After we dropped off our final paperwork at the Office of Foreigners in early December, we were told to return in about month and a half to check on the status of the cards. Most people warned that they really meant about 2 months or longer, so checking yesterday was a long shot. When the guard informed me that all 4 cards had arrived, I nearly hugged him!

I have been trying to take the stance that these government officials are really just trying to do their job, and they've been dealing with people yelling at them all day, they don't need me to yell at them. I'm trying to use it as a moment to brighten their day by being extra polite...sometimes I got the opportunity to "brighten" their day multiple days in a row.

So, anyways yesterday was a great day in the Carr Chronicles! We're legal! We have the card to prove it! And we only have to start this process again in October...


Chatty Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Think about today and worry about October in October. This is the day that Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it...with you! Congrats again.

My ADHD Me said...


Seems like it was just yesterday that you were "The Notorious Missionary in Spain".

Now you are "The Famous Missionary in Spain!".

Heather of the EO said...

WOOT! A good day, indeed! Don't think about October! Don't :)

Edie said...

Hey Congratulations! You mean you have to go through this every year? Oh my goodness. :o

"sometimes I got the opportunity to "brighten" their day multiple days in a row." LOL!

Sue J. said...

Been thinking about you in light of those storms.... Are you all OK? Have you been ministering to others affected?

We're "enjoying" our first school cancellation due to weather. Unfortunately, it's not a nice snowfall, just some wintry mix that is making the roads a mess and hazardous for buses.

Keep us posted when you can!