Sunday, 17 May 2009


This is how we spend one to two afternoons a week. As long as it's not raining, you might be able to find us slowly morphing into beach bums. Ask Jonas if he wants to go to the beach, and he'll undoubtedly say "Si!"

I create these little sand crabs for the boys to spend the next few seconds mashing into the ground. I will admit it can be very therapeutic play...

It has definitely warmed up on the Costa Blanca!

Here's a quick update on life in Spain:

* We painted our chapel. It was in a desperate need of a "pick me up" and God has really blessed this congregation with several retired professional carpenters and painters. It looks great!

* We revamped our thrift store. The store is one of the main sources of income for our church. So we cleaned it up, rearranged, got rid of trash, and have had an increase in sales! (Now, let's hope it holds out and is not just temporary.)

* We recently participated in an church wide prayer event, hosted by a local Baptist church. It was the first time that many of these evangelical groups have gotten together for anything, and still many 'refused' to attend. It was a great event, and we're really excited about what God will do through a united evangelical community.

*I've signed the boys us for the summer program at the same Baptist church for the month of July. (Everything is closed in August) The selling point of many summer programs are the fact that English will be taught throughout the summer, but they wanted to warn me at the church it would be "American" English because they have groups from the States that help out during the summer. I simply smiled, and said "Well, we speak American so it shouldn't be a problem for the boys."


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Re: point number 3, evangelicals not getting together very often to work together--that is a shame, isn't it. Loved the beach story; we actually have a chance of patchy fog here in Indiana tonight.

Sue J. said...

So SO love the beach! It IS totally therapeutic, even if you aren't building crabs!! But your boys must love 'em.

How wonderful to see what God is bringing about in your midst! Your blog becomes a way to tangibly note His touch on you and those you serve. May those who are not joining in unity see the blessing of what God has done though those who do.

Enjoy your great beach days! We're just getting into strawberry days here....