Monday, 16 November 2009

Niños son esponjas.

Children are sponges. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me…

Who knew schooling would be so difficult? Bram has spent the last week home from school because he has a “fever”. He has no other symptoms of illness. He’s eating, playing, and picking on his brother…all as normal. Which led me to believe perhaps the fever is a symptom of something else? Everyone seems to have a story of how their child had a seeming illness and it turned out to be symptoms of stress or extreme dislike of a situation.

Between both boys, Bram seems to be the most sensitive to the language change we have experienced. Bram started formal school in January primarily in English, after the summer and the move, in October he started another school primarily in Spanish. It’s been a tough switch for him.

Part of me says I know that he will adapt, and that come this time next year he’ll most likely be perfectly fine. But it’s still hard to watch him get stressed out, and not be able to do much about it. We have decided to try and reduce the stress in the areas where we are in control, ie: long Metro rides, plenty of snacks, plenty of rest stops at parks along the way home. And try to be extra encouraging about the things we can’t change: the increase in the Spanish language surroundings, big city-ness, having to cross his legs during story time at school. :)

Part of being an officer’s kid is the possibility of a move when it is least expected. My boys didn’t pick this life, but God picked them for us.


Growin' with it! said...

oh my goodness do i hear ya! and my boys have not gone thru near the changes yours have.

either way it is so hard to see them struggle and if i am learning anything these days, it is....that God loves them more than me and knows exactly what they are going thru. He'll strengthen them, stretch them and build them up into incredible young men. hang in there sister!

Sue J. said...

Sounds like you're doing everything right, Valerie! I hate seeing the kids struggle with anything, yet, my daughter now being a 5th grader, she needs to start struggling a little more as she comes to grips with more independence. It's still hard to be on the other end of the trauma--even knowing that things will work out well after this "phase."

Giving Bram the personal space to let it all out is probably just what he needs to counterbalance doing his very best at school. Keep hangin' on!!