Saturday, 7 June 2008

Every year at Congress (Salvation Army Midwest Conference Weekend) my boys find some way to stand out. Two years ago, Bram nearly broke his nose crawling off the hotel bed. Last year, Bram had a black eye and Jonas was a six week old, so no one was sleeping anyways.

So, you ask, what is the special circumstances this year? My two year old woke up vomitting. (Sorry for those that may be a little squeamish.) So while my husband and my one year old attend the meetings, Bram and I are stuck in the hotel room waiting for the next sick moment. Currently, we are watching Higgley Town Heroes, because I didn't bring "entertainment items" because we weren't supposed to be in the room before 10:00 each night. He seems to be feeling better...well, he hasn't thrown up in about an hour.

My toddlers will not be ignored....................................::::sigh:::

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