Thursday, 12 June 2008

T-minus 10 days.....

Why do all the crazy things happen in the last few moments? Our technology investments (GPS, digital camera, and digital camcorder) were all stolen from our van two weeks before we move. I am incredibly thankful for great insurance that allowed us to replace it all before we moved!!

It's down to the wire now. We are busy scrubbing our house top to bottom, organizing linen closets, arranging for carpet cleaners, etc, etc. Even Jonas is helping out! We move out in a week and go into a slight holding pattern.

The first couple of weeks in July we head off to Canada for a MissionPREP conference. I'm looking forward to going, I've never been to Canada...there are just a few other couples attending the conference with us, so it should be nice.

Still no official "official" word on where in Spain we will be landing or when, but we've been given the most likely destination of Denia. So, we're packing plenty of swimsuits.

I have been trying to transition our family into a Spanish lifestyle schedule. We eat lunch at 2:00, dinner around 8:00, and the boys go to bed around 9:30. Now, granted, this is not exactly the schedule Spanish children follow, but we're breaking into it. Baby steps. This has been a hard transition for our family. Most of our family and friends look at us like we're crazy for even changing our lifestyle. We felt that it would be easier to make this change now, rather than dealing with time, jet lag, language, and lifestyle all at the same time. Each day is a little better. I have to keep reminding myself that the boys will need a couple weeks to ease into it, so I just have to endure extra tantrums and whining for a while.
It's exciting to think of all the possibilities that await us on the otherside of the ocean... It's sad to leave our family and friends, but we look forward to the new friends and adventures that await us.

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