Tuesday, 17 June 2008

It's funny how toddlers cope with change....

They know something is about to change. If you ask Bramwell he can even tell you we are moving to Spain. But I don't think they really get it...obviously. They've both been little maniacs for the past couple days, and we think that the schedule shift as well as the mounting stress is to blame. Jeff and I deal with the stress by getting frustrated, overwhelmed, etc. But both of us have adult ways of dealing with that stress, or at least talking about it together. The boys don't have the words...I should be more cognizant of that when coming to the brink of scolding them. I've been letting Bram watch more videos than usual, it's our dual coping mechanism I think.....any helpful tips on moving with toddlers?

The truck comes Friday. The carpet cleaners come Monday. But the biggest of my problems right now, is that we are out of coffee. Pray, just pray.

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