Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cold Tea Cake

I should be cleaning my kitchen. I should be starting another load of laundry so I can hang it from the line before we leave in the morning. I should be eating a balanced meal for dinner.

But I'm not. I'm eating cheese on some great crusty bread I bought at the French bakery this morning. (It's the only thing open on Sundays, and I take the boys over for a treat so they don't have to be cooped up in the building all morning. Hazard of being the pastor's kid: you are at church hours before anyone else shows up, and hours after everyone leaves... But I am eating a hazelnut yogurt...and will probably have a cup of tea before I go to bed...

Here's a great recipe I encountered this week. "Cold Tea Cake" Our congregation is primarily British expatriates, so I've been attempting to find ways to "infiltrate" their culture in order to win their hearts via their stomachs.



3 C dried fruit (I used golden raisins (or 'sultanas' in British...))

1 1/4 C brown sugar

1 1/2 C cold tea (the idea is to use the tea that's left over from tea time...)

2 C self rising flour

(I make my own 'cause it's expensive here: 1 C reg. flour + 1 1/2 t baking powder + 1/2 t salt = 1 C self rising flour)

1 egg


Mix the fruit and sugar in a medium bowl. Soak in cold tea overnight.

Mix the egg and flour into the fruit mixture. Pour into greased loaf pan.

Bake at 350* for about an hour and half.

(My loaf needed nearly 2 hours...but it tasted wonderful when it was done!)

Three Good Things:

1. My inlaws are coming for a visit! They arrive next Monday! (one week to make the house presentable...)

2. Bram was having trouble staying "accident free" at school, but last week he stayed "dry and clean" (in his words) all week! We celebrated with a chocolate Kinder egg (a hollow chocolate egg that has a toy inside).

3. I got the most beautiful, and delicious strawberries from the Friday fruit good that the boys and I have finished the kilo (2.2 pounds) in a little under 2 days...


Chatty Kelly said...

All good news today. The recipe sounds good...although I'm more a choc chip than raisin gal. LOL!

Have a great day.

Growin' with it! said...

boy do we know about those LONG sundays around here too. i feel so sorry for our boys but then i remember this is all they've known. poor guys.

congrats on the "dry days" victory!

Sue J. said...

I'm all over those recipes that you can start and let sit (or cook all day!). Intriguing....except that we never do tea time here. (I do love a chilled raspberry tea....)

What a delightful way to minister to your folks!

(And, don't sweat the in-laws coming...enjoy the time that you have with them! Way more important....)

Karen Carr Chojnacki said...

1. If you clean the house, what will Sandy do?

2. Send some chocolate toy eggs home with Mom (she can pay)

3. I'm terribly jealous of the folks. And if I thought about it I would cry.