Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vacation, vacation, vacation

This is Bram after we put on his costume for school on Friday. He was upset because he was afraid no one else was going to have a costume on. He kept asking to put his uniform on. He livened up at the bus stop when he saw a princess waiting to catch the bus too.

The worst part of going on vacation seems to often be the night before. I'm up too late finishing the last of the packing (and inevitably we will have forgotten something). I run around trying to leave the house clean so we come home to a clean house. And then it's seemingly a mad dash out the front door in the morning...

But I am feeling much better.

Here's another pic from yesterday's Carnaval. This is the school's play yard/gym area where they held the assembly.


Chatty Kelly said...

He looks adorable! My oldest has free dress day the last Friday of each month, and she always is asking 'are you sure, are you sure.' Kids don't want to be different! Once I forgot it was free dress day and I got a call, she was crying because she was the only one in her uniform! *sigh* I brought her a change of clothes, of course.

Edie said...

Wow what a great view from the school yard. He looks great in his costume. I don't blame him a bit for not wanting to be the only one in costume. :)

Sue J. said...

I love your scenery!'s tremendous.

Costumes are tricky. It's like seeing people dressed up in costumes--is that OK? Santa can be scary. An Easter bunny!?

Regardless, he has the most precious look on his face. It tells the whole story!