Sunday, 1 February 2009

Brought to you today by the letter....

I've been a little behind in the blog world recently. A stomach virus made its way into the house this week, and I have been taking echinachea in between serving tea with lemon, rubbing backs, and switching to the next Larry Boy movie. Thankfully, I have not caught the bug this time.

With all the sickness, I've been cooped up in the apartment (well...except the Saturday escape to IKEA an hour and half away) but I have failed to think of something to blog on. You know, something that will earn me hundreds of comments, cause people to reflect on their own lives. You know, something really good. Really, I've failed to think of anything at all.

I'm participating in MY ADHD Me's Meme. She assigned me a letter and I am going to write 10 things that I love that start with that letter.

My letter is:

My Ten Favorite Things that Start with 'F':

(I will resist using the 'obvious' choices of friends and family, but know that I really do love my friends and family (new and old!))

1. Fried rice. I love Chinese food. I have really been longing for some "good" Chinese food, and have even ventured to try and make it myself.

2. facebook. Sad but true. I love how I can get glimpses into people's lives one sentence at a time, and I have encountered friends I thought long lost and even made some new!

3. Francine Rivers, and other authors of that genre. (Deanne Gist, Liz Curtis Higgs to name some) My mother in law introduced me to Christian romantic fiction and as long as the story is compelling I'll read it cover to cover in just a few days.

4. the Fab Four (aka: the Beatles) I practically know every lyric to every Beatles' song simply because my dad played it all the time when we were growing up. So I didn't necessarily choose to know the lyrics, but if there is a Beatles' song playing chances are I'll start singing's kind of like a subconcious thing really.

5. Food. I am developing a growing addiction to food blogs. I buy cook books mainly because of the pictures. I love trying new stuff...and I love to eat!

6. Fahrenheit. I still calculate Celcius degrees to the approximate Fahrenheit translation so I can decide in my head whether something is hot or cold...

7. Funny movies. Who doesn't really?

8. Flowers. Things seem to grow really easily in the climate here, so I've been trying my hand at keeping things alive (only one casualty so far). If I can get the boys to stop pulling the flowers off my jasmine plant we'll be alright!

9. French press coffee. I just discovered the joys and deliciousness of this kind of coffee! I love, love, love it! (Well, I love it would be hardpressed to be in a 'bad' category...)

10. Friday fruit market. Every Friday our town has its outdoor fruit market down one street in the center of town. I love it because you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and other stuff thrown in, from local growers. I love it partially because of the freshness of everything, plus it's the place where every one in town is at on Fridays, so you end up seeing a lot of people too!

(Wow...this was harder than I thought!)


Sue J. said...


Outdoor markets are so much fun. I used to go to one in Naperville on Saturdays. Didn't buy anything most of the time, but walking out in the air, just watching the vendors do their thing; it was fun. (But, occasionally, I would bring home some beautiful cut flowers....I used to get them from Northwestern Train Station on Friday afternoons, too!)

What a wonderful place to learn more about food and to enjoy it!

Hope the tummy bug has found its way out of your house! Didn't know it had spread across the Atlantic....

Growin' with it! said...

mmm, fried'm hungry!! so what's your favorite flower?

My ADHD Me said...

Fun Video!!

2. I've never been to facebook but I've heard it is BIG!
4. Love the Beatles!
6. At least you CAN calculate it!!

Glad you played!!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

I love yellow roses, not that I'm growing those in a pot. And I love hydrangeas (was my wedding flower). which I managed to kill a hydrangea the one time I tried planting them in our previous home.

Right now I'm happy with any flower that will stay alive....

Karen Carr Chojnacki said...

My first thought was french fries. Maybe becouse I'm not eating them...Haven't had one for 6 weeks.