Sunday, 23 November 2008

15 Things

I wasn't tagged, but I'm kind of at a loss at a good post. So I thought I'd just join the fun.

Fifteen Things About Me, I'm not afraid to admit:

1. I'll sneak into my boys rooms while they're sleeping, give them kisses, and remind myself why we keep them. (Especially since bed time can be a nightmare.)

2. I am a fanatic about not eating the same meal too many times in a row. I'm always trying new recipes in order to keep our menu changing. I'm pretty sure my husband would just wish I'd stick to a few good ones.

3. I hate meatloaf, but will sometimes suck it up and make it because Jeff loves it.

4. I never finished college. I went to 2 different schools, and then realized I should just do what God had been calling me to do since I started: prepare myself to be a Salvation Army officer. So, I quit school and entered training (Salvation Army seminary) and felt a peace unlike any other.

5. I am really picky about pantyhose. I wear a uniform that requires off black pantyhose on a daily basis. But I REFUSE to wear pantyhose that get nicks too easy in them. I will only buy the $4/pair kind. I even bought a huge amount to bring to Spain with me.

6. I don't really know my biological father.

7. I really loved MOPS, and if I had stayed in the States I would have gladly served on their leadership team like they had asked. I was really sad that there are no MOPS in Spain.

8. I love coffee. Thank you, God, that I moved to a country where coffee is a national past time.

9. I have created a system in my head for how I decide to purchase something (non-necessities). I will look at it, then walk away, then come back, then walk away, if I decide to come back a third time then I will buy it. It's sad because I know that I have that tendency and even if I know I'm going to come back, I will still go through the entire ritual.

10. I spent the last week in Madrid at a conference for Salvation Army officers of Spain. I was bored most of the time because it was primarily about administration, but felt guilty because I needed to keep paying complete attention so I could tell Jeff what it was about later.

11. I had to leave my boys with a French speaking Swiss woman from our congregation that speaks Spanish.

12. I find it annoying that Bramwell now calls me "mama" (read with a French accent).

13. I hate doing laundry or dishes. Typically I don't do them, Jeff does. But then when he gets started, I feel incredibly guilty because I somehow think that I should be doing those things.

14. I really love Thanksgiving, and am anticipating that this might be a rough weekend because there is no Thanksgiving here. I can't even find a whole turkey (I found turkey legs...ewww.). Hopefully we'll be able to get together with some other Americans and have some pumpkin pie.

15. I often will make up the word in Spanish if I don't know it. I will simply say the English word with a Spanish accent. It works about 50% of the time.....


Edie said...

HaHa! Love that you make up Spanish words and it WORKS! :)

Hey Turkey legs are good. Even if you didn't eat the Turkey, it would give you the broth to make the dressing and giblet gravy, and you could pull together the rest of the meal. Then you and your American friends could have a Thanksgiving meal together. With lots of coffee and pumpkin pie to finish with. :)

Enjoyed reading about you.

Chatty Kelly said...

I loved reading your 15! I especially liked #4. Isn't God great at giving his peace so we know when we're where we should be?!?

I coordinated our MOPS group for the past 2 years. This is my first year in 3 years that I'm not in MOPS.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving somehow, some way. I'll be thinknig of you.

Sue J. said...

I'm totally with you on the panty hose! (Even the color!!) I need reinforced everything; they make me look and feel better as I try to wear a dress!

You know I'm a big MOPS person and a coffee person, too! I agree with Edie about the turkey thing. If we were having T-Day at our house this year, everyone would have their own special meals, and none of them would be turkey!

Go for the sides, and enjoy what fresh produce you have there. Then, yeah, definitely pull together some pumpkin flan or something, if not pie.

My neighbor is 5; he calls his mom by the French Mama, too! What's that about?! (At least he still calls you mom!)

Have a wonderful celebration with your family and friends!

My ADHD Me said...

This was fun. And you never need to wait until you actually get tagged. We just "I Got Tagged So Everyone else Is Too".

The only people that should be allowed to make meatloaf is Grandmothers. With mashed potatoes, gravy and the fixins' they never go wrong.

I'll sign off with a deep thought...." There is no problem on earth, that we, the women, cannot overcome, As long as our pantyhose aren't all loose and saggy."

Chatty Kelly said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

My ADHD Me said...

I forgot to mention my response to #15: