Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I'm hesitant to post something of this nature, but I want to record my "feelings" before the event is finished. Because in my personal opinion the end result is not terribly important, in the sense that they seem to say the same thing on large issues via their voting records, etc (depending on what you determine to be the issues) regardless of what is said by campaign trails or commercials (which I didn't see in Spain anyways). (err.....I hesitated to leave that statement in...no backlash, I hope...I understand that there are some issues that are very important to people on which the candidates say very different things.....anyways, back to what I'm bloggin' about....sorry.....)

This is a monumental, historical event for the people of the United States. From the election onward little girls and boys (all, not just a specific group) will have an example that says "Yes! You REALLY CAN be president of the United States!!! It doesn't matter what you look like, your gender, or anything superficial!!" To me that's the most important aspect of this never-ending campaign. It's like our culture is turning a corner, or something! We're growing up!

So whatever the outcome of tonight's final votes ( I had to send mine in a month ago), this historic moment (as I steal wording from CNN international...) is exciting for me regardless of who becomes president!

Whoever you're backing be sure and cast your vote! Be a part of history!

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Chatty Kelly said...

Hey Valerie! Encouraging words. Are you able to vote? (Absentee ballot?) I am voting today. My husband is working the polls (in the rain) this morning.

Have a great day!